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Here at MadMazeCraze.com we are not about us, we are about you. You are able to create fundraisers for causes you believe in, support causes you vote on, and have fun at the same time and win a some hard cold cash!

We have been self-driven always to help animals and children.  We have come up with MadMazeCraze.com to help achieve our goals.  MadMazeCraze.com is a platform that raises money for charity.  Every dime that is collected is posted to whom the winner of the mazes were, to every penny tracked to the charity associated with that maze.  All private mazes have 100% of the funds go to that private fundraiser.

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Who we are

We are a team that are putting our resources together to try to make the world a better place, through playing games.  We care and have a big  heart for animals and children.  You can use MadMazeCraze.comto raise money for something that is either a fundraiser we support or a private cause you fe

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What we do

We provide a platform that can be used to play to have fun, and a chance of winning money.  While at the same time supporting a cause to raise money for. All private fund raisers have 100% of the money go back to the cause and the people playing the maze.

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How we do it

It is simple, register, log in, select one of the charity’s being played for on that maze, and play the public maze.  You can also have a private maze for your organization, church, school, SPCA, or any other cause that needs money to be raised.  All private fund raisers keep 100% of all the fun

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